Disinfect with Glofecs

Glofecs is a portable pair of disinfection gloves, with ultraviolet radiation-based advanced technology (UV-C LED technology). It disinfects with a single press of a button by permanently destroying the DNA and RNA structure of microorganisms.

Non-invasive powerful protection from Covid-19 and other microorganisms.
UVC-LED is used which is non-inflammable.
Easy to Use
Portable, water resistant with convenient USB charging.

Design of Glofecs

Switch on/off the button at the wrist by long pressing it for 2 seconds to initiate / terminate disinfection. Records percentage of disinfection on a particular surface, timestamp, number of times surface disinfection happening, nature of surface and displays in a mobile app.

Results You Can Be Assured Of

99.9% disinfection can be achieved through Glofecs by exposing the surfaces and objects to UVC for a minimum of 60 seconds.

Disinfects all Solid Surfaces
Paper, plastic, glass, electronic devices, etc can be disinfected.
Effective Workplace Sanitization
Glofecs will make the sanitization process effective, easy and quick.
Can Disinfect Food & Water Externally
Safe to disinfect even food items and water externally.
Light Weight & Comfortable
Gloves are made up of cotton. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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